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Annamalai Raj M

Astrology consultancy

Acharya Annamalai Raj M hails from a family who were advisers in darbar of king, culture, tradition, orthodox and divinely rooted.Acharya Annamalai Raj M started practicing astrology from a very young age. He started to look at astrology in very different dimensions and wanted to break the myth that is surrounded in astrology by educating the common man and also he is very good at explaining the root cause of the problem in a lucid manner.He has garnered a very good number of clients across the country and even from Dubai, US, UK, Australia and Newzealand to name a few countries.He is a personal family astrologer to many industrialists, business tycoons and kannada film actors.He has been awarded Jyothishya Ratna, Jyothishya Acharya for his research and also he has been awarded PhD Gold medalist in astrology.People love to talk to him as they feel energized and confident after speaking to him, whereas he does counseling too.He is expert in Vedic astrology and DNA astrology which reveals the root cause of one's birth and how to lead a life, best part is he doesn't give any costly remedies, rather only lifestyle remedies which are very low in cost and can be followed easily.He specialized in Vedic astrology, DNA astrology, Sripathi astrology, Karma jyothishya, balance theory of planets, naadi jyothishya, Chaaya naadi, vaastu, numerology, nameology and gemology.Apart from astrology he has vast knowledge in shastras and procedures of pooja which he has been guiding people and they are benefitting from it.His motto is to help people not as an astrologer but as an astrological friend.

Puja/Havans (as Pandit)

Acharya Annamalai Raj M has 21 years of experience in giving Vedic astrology consultations. Annamalai Raj M focuses on analysing the Health and Career aspects of the Jathakam report. Acharya Annamalai Raj M is available for consultation in Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu languages. However, English is the preferred language. Acharya Annamalai Raj M's actual field of expertise lies in the performing of customised Puja. This consists of performing of puja as per the requirements of the client at their convenience. A customized Puja by Acharya Annamalai Raj M incurs a fee of Rs 80,000.
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