Vijay Devarakonda’s Horoscope: Background and the story so far

Astrological analysis of the horoscope of Vijay Devarakonda.

Who is Vijay Devarakonda?
Vijay Devarakonda is an actor and producer predominantly working in the Telugu movie industry. His father is Deverakonda Govardhana Rao, who experienced modest success as a TV serial director before quitting it for greener pastures. His mother is the proprietor of a soft skill development institute in Hyderabad. Vijay Devarakonda’s date of birth falls on 9th May 1989. He was born in Achampet and did his schooling in Hyderabad. He is a graduate of Commerce. He used to take part in plays during his college days. He made his movie debut with a supporting role in the 2011 movie Nuvvila. He gained fame after his lead role in the 2016 romantic comedy Pelli Choopulu. His greatest success yet came in his portrayal of the short-tempered alcoholic surgeon Arjun Reddy in the 2017 movie of the same name. He received widespread praise and acclaim for his work in the movie. In August 2019, he launched his production house, King of the Hill. Meeku Maathrame Cheptha was announced as the first movie to be made by the production house. His career hit a low in 2020 when his romantic film World Famous Lover turned out to be a dud in the box office, with the distributors demanding compensation from the producers and actor himself who was paid a reported Rs 10 crore to act in the film.Vijay Devarakonda has made his mark as a teenage heartthrob and is one of the most searched celebrities in the country. Though his name has been attached to few women, Vijay Devarakonda is officially unattached and single. He has been outspoken about his social and political views, some of which have garnered applause, while some have gained notoriety. He calls his fans’ rowdies’ as he was called the same by his family members every time he did something they did not approve of. He caused quite a stir last year when he publicly stated he preferred dictatorship over democracy.In 2019 he conceptualized and founded the non-profit organization the Devarakonda foundation, which has helped over 17,000 families during the Covid-19 pandemic. He has launched a clothing range under the name ‘The Rowdy Club’. His favorite food is Hyderabadi Biryani, and his favorite travel destination is the state of Kerala. He was ranked the second-most desirable man in Tollywood by Hyderabad Times in 2017. In 2018, he portrayed the role of Vijay Anthony in the biographical film Mahanati, which was based on the real-life story of the late actress Savitri. He turned a singer for his film Geetha Govindam, but the song was dropped from the movie due to controversy over its lyrics. He is currently working on the Hindi-Telugu bilingual movie Liger being directed by Puri Jagannadh and produced by Karan Johar.

Name: Vijay Devarakonda
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 9 May, 1989 Tuesday
Time of Birth (Hr.Min.Sec): 05:34:00 AM Standard Time
Time Zone (Hrs.Mins): 05:30 East of Greenwich
Place of Birth : Achampet
Longitude&Latitude (Deg.Mins): 78.38 East, 16.22 North
Ayanamsa: Chitra Paksha = 23 Deg. 42 Min. 37Sec.
Birth Star – Star Pada (Quarter): Ardra-2
Birth Rasi – Rasi Lord: Mithuna – Budha

Vijay Devarakonda’s Horoscope and Success: Explained from an Astrological perspective

Placements of planets, the rasi and Nakshatra during the birth time in the Horoscope indicate various events in a person’s life. Here’s a brief outlook on the success story of Vijay Deverakonda from an astrological viewpoint.

In astrology, the day of birth is very important and also the time. The entire personality and physical features of the person are dependent on it. As per Vijay Devarakonda’s horoscope, the actor was born on Tuesday before sunrise. As per astrology, the day starts at sunrise, and so Monday is the astrological day of birth of Vijay Deverakonda. This makes him soft-spoken and pleasing. He tends to remain calm in situations where most others may turn violent. His intentions are clean and meritorious. Vijay Devarakonda nakshatra is Ardra. Those with Ardra as their birth star achieve success in life after attaining manhood. He can diversify and focus on many things at once. He is research-minded and will do well in public activities. He is sincere, impartial, and a team player. He may also be proud and stubborn, which may cause hindrance to growth in life.

Vijay Devarakonda’s zodiac sign says he is independent, courageous, and sensitive. He can also be stubborn, rude, and intolerant. He is keenly interested in amassing wealth and also prone to flaunting it. He will also be involved in many courageous and noble deeds. He is very open when it comes to being friends but may have trouble being emotionally attached. Vijay Devarakonda Kundli shows financial security and romantic nature. He likes being praised but may not take criticism well. He is still single, but his married life may be problematic but ultimately immensely fruitful. The occasional poor taste he displays in having friends may cause heated conversations, but he will enjoy a rise in fame and fortune after marriage. He enjoys traveling.

Vijay Devarakonda’s married life is bound to be happening and blessed with children. He will be part of several big projects. He will enjoy power and authority. He will be able to successfully manage large projects. He is assured of success in his profession. He will have many houses, vehicles, and luxuries. He will be honored by those in authority because of his competence and trustworthiness. Vijay Devarakonda’s birth time makes him energetic and aggressive. He may be reluctant to be friends unless he is convinced there is a lot in common between them. He may not discuss his feelings, fears, and mental torment freely with anybody, and therefore nervous tension may build up. The birth chart says he can communicate effectively and convincingly. He can be erratic and will welcome challenges in life. He will be greatly influenced by the values and beliefs of his parents. He will be a self-made man but may need the guidance of a strong authority figure. He needs to be careful of his health and may take to religious studies later in life. ..Read More

Vijay Devarakonda’s Horoscope and birth chart

Vijay Devarakonda's Rasi ChartVijay Devarakonda's Navamsa

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