Mohanlal Viswanathan, mononymously known as Mohanlal/Lalettan is an Indian film actor who works predominantly in South Indian film industry. Acted in more than 350 movies in different languages. He has won five National Film Awards, nine Kerala State Film Awards and has received numerous other awards for acting.

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The first house of the horoscope represents the personality characteristics, physical structure, status and fame of the person. Based on the position of Lagna the following characteristics may be predicted about his personality. Mohanlal will be independent, courageous and sensitive to the feelings of others. He will be quick-tempered, proud, interested in legality and logic.

Mohanlal’s horoscope shows that he will be scientifically inclined, enterprising, ambitious, adventurous and a good planner, keenly observant, stubborn, not receptive to criticism, frank and open strong-willed, practical, tactless. He will be interested in beauty, grace, good food, the excitement of argument. Physically he will be a medium build with sharp eye-sight.

Since Lagna lies in the second Drekkana of its house, Mohanlal will be keenly interested in amassing wealth, but he is naturally cautious. Financially, the important years in his life are 20, 24, 29, 36, 47, 56 and 61. His ascendant lord is in the 12th house. He is likely to be a spend-thrift. He is a dual personality. Mohanlal does not do well by gambling. He will do well in the field of academics or education. Business dealings will not be very profitable for him. He will enjoy spending money, time, and effort on other people. Therefore, he will do well in public service.

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Since Venus is in the first house, Mohanlal will be scholarly. He will be a devoted partner and enjoy romance. He will love children. Jupiter aspects Lagna. Mohanlal will give importance to wearing a good, clean dress and choosing good words in conversations. Land and properties, wealth, family, speech, food and skills are some of the important topics highlighted by the second house in a horoscope.

His relationship with parents and siblings will be very satisfactory. Even in youth, he will look beyond the home for comfort and pleasure. In business, he must remain vigilant so as to avoid fraud. His financial fortunes will rise and fall intermittently, and therefore causes much worry. Since the Sun is in the 2nd house, he will be happy and wise. Mohanlal will have an interest in agriculture or animals. He may not wish to make a lot of money, regardless of how much he is encouraged to do so.

Since Mercury is in the 2nd house, he will be a good speaker with poetic talents. Mohanlal will enjoy self-earned wealth and good food. His family life will be really pleasant.The third house in the horoscope mainly refers to siblings, courage, and cleverness.

Since the 3rd lord is in the 2nd, he may possess great enthusiasm in what he does and, therefore, he may be seen as energetic. He is extravagant, impulsive, and careless in speech. The company he keeps plays a large part in determining his nature. He will either wish to have a younger sibling.

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The various aspects of one’s married life are influenced by the 7th house. In Mohanlal’s birth chart the 7th lord is in the 1st house. His wife will be intelligent, sensible and will demonstrate skill in administration. Even in youth, he will be loved by beautiful women. He will be very sensible in choosing a life-partner.

Mohanlal’s wife will contribute considerably to maintaining his youthful vigour and mental happiness. Moreover, she will be lucky for him and will help to make him successful. As he will be from a good family, his instinctive sense of pride and self-confidence will be reflected in his behaviour. As a couple, Mohanlal and his wife will have a really good relationship.

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