Rekha’s Horoscope: Background and the story so far

Astrological analysis of the horoscope of Rekha and astrology predictions for the year 2020.

rekha's horoscope
Who is Rekha?
She is the perfect picture of a Royal Duchess wrapped gracefully in Kanjivaram, a big bindi on her forehead and Kajal embellished eyes! Yes, none other than Rekha, a silhouette of beauty, the exuberance of blaze, and charm. One of the finest actresses of Indian cinema for whom it could be said that aging has rebuffed to her. A living legend, poetic saga, and dazzling diva.
This surreal beauty has reigned over the silver screen for the last 50 years! Rekha appeared on screen in 1958 as a child artist, however the beginning of the most successful period of her career was between the 1980s and 1990s. Reigning the silver screen and having conquered the hearts of her fans for decades, indeed she is the most adored and refined actress of Bollywood. Bhanurekha Ganesan, fondly called Rekha’s date of birth, is Sunday, 10th October in 1954 in Madras (Chennai, TamilNadu). Today we know her as a dignified persona which is seen in her presence in public gatherings or as seen in Rajya Sabha, of which she is a nominated member.
Name: Rekha
Gender: Female
Date of Birth:: 10 October, 1954 Sunday
Time of Birth (Hr.Min.Sec) : 11:00:00 AM Standard Time
Time Zone (Hrs.Mins): 05:30 East of Greenwich
Place of Birth: Madras
Longitude&Latitude (Deg.Mins): 80.15 East, 13.03 North
Ayanamsa: Chitra Paksha = 23 Deg. 13 Min. 48 Sec
Birth Star – Star Pada (Quarter): Purvabhadra – 2
Birth Rasi – Rasi Lord: Kumbha – Sani

Rekha’s Horoscope and Success: Explained from an Astrological perspective

Rekha’s birth Rashi is Kumbha or Aquarius, ruled by the planet Shani, in Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra.
Analysis based on the planetary positions in Rekha’s birth chart says a lot about the name, fame, the challenges, the failures of her married life, love life, and various other aspects she has faced in her life. Rekha has Sun or Mars placed in the 10th house of her birth chart, which earned her countless honors and recognitions in the last 50 years counting from National film awards, Filmfare awards, numerous other awards including the Padma Shri, India’s fourth-highest civilian honor from the Government of India. This starry effect is said to make the native, famous, wealthy, and an artist and favorite amongst people…Read More

Rekha’s Horoscope and birth chart

Rekha's Rasi ChartRekha's Navamsa

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