Jayalalitha’s Horoscope: Background and the story so far

Astrological analysis of the horoscope of Jayalalitha.

Who is Jayalalitha?
Late Selvi J. Jayalalitha was former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu who served for six terms. A powerful political leader, a legendary actress in the Tamil film industry, a woman of knowledge and wisdom. She held the distinction for being the second female Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. She was born in the city of Mysore and her mother Sandhya was a yesteryear actress in the South Indian film industry. Her original name was ‘Komalavalli’ and she lost her father when she was 2 years old. She is survived by an elder brother. Jayalalitha was a meritorious student and excelled in her studies, in Chennai. She also learned Bharatanatyam and ventured into the Tamil film industry in her teenage. She was very fond of completing her education, however, it remained unfulfilled. She became a learned, thoughtful, and well-informed personality, a great communicator with a command over the language. She was also a very successful actress in the Tamil film industry as well as other South Indian movie industries. She was one of the most influential leaders who possessed great command and authority. She was one of her kind, an Actress-turned-Politician, and a six-time Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. She entered Politics while it was dominated by powerful authorities of the ruling party. Jayalalitha was the first lady to become the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu She defeated everyone with her courage, valor, and authority.
She suffered from a major cardiac arrest and died on 5th December 2016 while serving as Chief Minister for Tamil Nadu. She is still fondly remembered as “Amma” and “Puratchi Thalaivi” which roughly translates to “Revolutionary Leader”.
J. Jayalalitha’s birthday is 24 February 1948. According to the DOB of J. Jayalalitha, her birth star is Makha. J. Jayalalitha’s Zodiac sign is Leo, and in Moon Sign it’s Simha Rashi.
Name: Jayalalitha
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: : 24 February, 1948 Tuesday
Time of Birth (Hr.Min.Sec) : 02:40:00 PM Standard Time
Time Zone (Hrs.Mins): 05:30 East of Greenwich
Place of Birth: Mysore
Longitude&Latitude (Deg.Mins): 76.38 East, 12.16 North
Ayanamsa: Chitra Paksha =23 Deg. 07 Min. 46 Sec
Birth Star – Star Pada (Quarter): Makha – 3
Birth Rasi – Rasi Lord: Simha – Surya

Jayalalitha ‘s Horoscope and Success: Explained from an Astrological perspective

Placements of planets, specific planetary combinations, its aspects and influences in the horoscope indicate various events in a person’s life.
Here’s a brief outlook on the success and life of J. Jayalalitha from an astrological viewpoint. The following characteristics may be a part of her personality based on J. Jayalalitha’s Horoscope.
She will be blessed with knowledge, charm, beauty, and wealth. While this will make people around her admire her, there will be many who will be jealous of her. She loves tradition and formality. She is extremely good at arguments and it is very difficult to defeat her. She will always be strong-willed, and it is quite hard to influence her. She may be intelligent and quick-witted, a good conversationalist, and sometimes be inconsistent and restless. She has a tall physique, or big appealing straight body, beautiful face, attractive eyes, and charming personality. She will have a keen interest in reading and writing, sciences, art, and literature. Specific combinations of planets in J. Jayalalitha’s Horoscope geared her towards the direction of music, movies, and other types of fine arts. She will always want to keep her surroundings extremely simple, and her thoughts, noble. Her views and authority will be admired greatly by many influential people.
According to J. Jayalalitha’s Horoscope, she will be fortunate in many ways. While her childhood may not be happy, she evolves into an eminent personality from a young age. As she grows older, she will emerge as a leader with power and authority. She will be a great communicator and have a special knack towards giving speeches and lectures. She will also present a dignified personality, very courteous, and polite in dealings with the people. She will carry an artistic, poetic nature, and have a taste for all things beautiful. She may not have a happy or cordial marriage life. However, she will have an extremely successful and high reputation in her profession…Read More

Jayalalitha ‘s Horoscope and birth chart

Jayalalitha's Rasi ChartJayalalitha's Navamsa

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