Alia Bhatt’s Horoscope: Background and the story so far

Astrological analysis of the horoscope of Alia Bhatt and astrology predictions for the year 2020.

Who is Alia Bhatt?
Alia Bhatt is an Indian actress and a singer, who works in Hindi films. She is the youngest daughter of the veteran Indian film director Mahesh Bhatt and actress Soni Razdan. Alia has an elder sister, and the popular actress Pooja Bhatt is her stepsister. She is one of the highly paid actresses in the Bollywood industry.
Born into a family with a long history in the Bollywood industry, no wonder, Alia Bhatt expressed her interest in acting when she was just 2 years old. She made her debut when she was 6 years. She was introduced by Karan Johar, playing the leading role in the movie, ‘Student of the Year’. Alia made a surprising entry into the Bollywood industry.
After a few movies, she earned critical appraisals for her roles in many movies. She has been trolled for her lack of knowledge often. She also started her own fashion brand. Forbes listed her in the list of ’30 Under 30 – Asia’.
Alia Bhatt’s birthday is 15th March 1993. According to the DOB of Alia Bhatt, her birth star is Jyeshta. Alia Bhatt’s Zodiac sign is Scorpio aka Vrichika Rashi.
Name: Alia Bhatt
Gender: Female
Date of Birth:: : 15 March, 1993 Monday
Time of Birth (Hr.Min.Sec) : 04:10:00 AM Standard Time
Time Zone (Hrs.Mins): 05:30 East of Greenwich
Place of Birth: : Mumbai
Longitude&Latitude (Deg.Mins): 72.51 East, 19.03 North
Ayanamsa: Chitra Paksha = 23 Deg. 46 Min. 0 Sec
Birth Star – Star Pada (Quarter): Jyeshta – 4
Birth Rasi – Rasi Lord: Vrischika – Kuja

Alia Bhatt’s Horoscope and Success: Explained from an Astrological perspective

Placements of planets, specific planetary combinations, its aspects and influences in the horoscope indicate various events in a person’s life. Here’s a brief outlook on the success story of Alia Bhatt from an astrological viewpoint.
The following characteristics may be a part of her personality based on Alia Bhatt’s horoscope. According to her Birth Chart indications, she may be very strong-willed, secretive, humorous, purposeful, cunning, wordy, tenacious, ambitious, easily adaptable, flamboyant, fashionable, nervous, self-doubting, and reliable. She may be capable of soft words and kind speech. She may be the kind of changeable individual that makes quick decisions not considering all the factors involved.
Alia Bhatt may enjoy a pleasant, at-home lifestyle. She may have an erratic spending pattern. She may love to spend money on luxuries and may also refuse to spend money on necessities. Physically, she will have an attractive personality and have piercing eyes. Most importantly, she will be a happy individual.
Planetary placements in Alia Bhatt’s horoscope shows that she will give more importance to wearing a good, clean dress and look appealing. She may have problems with learning in her early years. She may also experience difficulties in higher education. However, she will always be financially secure. At the same time, she will also enjoy self-earned wealth and luxuries…Read More

Alia Bhatt’s Horoscope and birth chart

Alia Bhatt's Rasi ChartAlia Bhatt's Navamsa

Alia Bhatt: 2020 Astrological Predictions

Let’s look at Alia Bhatt’s Yearly horoscope analysis for the year 2020.
For her, this year will bring moments of happiness, especially from her family and siblings. She will enjoy success in her new projects or endeavors. She may get a chance to acquire some land or property. She could also get money from foreign sources. However, this is not a period where she can depend too much on others. She must try doing more things on her own.
During this phase, she will have many opportunities to meet important people in senior positions. It may help her towards the enhancement of her status at work or in society. She will have victory over her adversaries. Health problems in the family are indicated. This indicates blood disorder, accident, injury due to weapons, fear of death, diseases caused by careless habits, the possibility of surgical treatment, and sudden expenditure. However, she will also experience the expansion of business, auspicious happenings, and pleasant journeys…Read More

As a young lady, she will be involved in pious and charitable deeds. There could be happy in her family due to a new-born or younger ones. The time is right for her to do well in her career. People will appreciate her talent and she will become popular. Overall, the year 2020 shall be positive for Alia Bhatt.

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