The world keeps on evolving. The lifestyle of people, their needs, and priorities also keep changing. Regardless of this, man’s desire to know his future and his anxiety about ongoing and upcoming events remain the same. In fact, with the increase in uncertainties and competition in the present world, man is more likely to rely on things that give him guidance on what to do and not to do for desired results. Astrology can give him this guidance by foreseeing his future prospects.

Astrology is an ancient science developed by early civilizations. Though those cultures were different, the basic concepts and purposes of astrology were the same. The early cultures used astrology mainly for creating calendars and for agricultural and religious purposes. Many of those calendars are genuine and still in use. Gradually, as years passed by, the use of astrology for personal needs increased. We can say astrology is true in the context of determining the position of celestial objects and is a study of probabilities in the context of predicting life events.

The use of astrology in the present world is mainly for personal and religious aspects. Most of the religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, etc. determine their important occasions and festivals through astrology. A large number of people still depend on astrology-based calendars to know about the occurrences of events such as solar and lunar eclipses. The use of astrology for personal purposes includes finding solutions to the difficulty someone is facing, making decisions in matters important to life, and knowing the future prospects of one’s career, wealth, health, marriage, family life, etc. For many people, it is a tradition to make astrology analyses prior to marriage and other events important to the family.

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Apart from this, people rely on astrology in times of dilemma and difficulties. The atmosphere of cut-throat competition and profit-obsessed growth in today’s world is driving more and more people to rely on astrology services. We can point out the case of the COVID-19 pandemic here. When the world went through a stage of lockdown, people and businesses had to experience various challenges. This situation witnessed a boom in online astrology services. People were desperately relying on astrology for the sake of comfort, hope, or advice. Thus, the scope and importance of astrology in the current world are certainly high.

Astrology in Modern Man’s Life

Keeping aside the tradition and beliefs, what drives a modern man to astrology is the stress, anxieties, and uncertainties in the present world. Mostly, modern man seeks astrology advice, anticipating a better career, wealth, or improvement in relationships. Not just the common man who strives to make the two ends meet, there are hardcore astrology followers among businessmen and celebrities who bother about their ups and downs in career. Today, people from all segments seek astrology advice in matters regarding careers such as finding a better opportunity, changing jobs, etc. Also, they rely on astrology tips and guidelines in financial matters such as making new investments and speculations. 

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The rise in the feel of insecurity in modern life is a reason for the rise in the use of astrology. It is not like the old times where people were more organized as a family and society. Now, they feel more insecure about themselves as well as their dear ones’ future. So, they are seeking astrology guidance in love, married life, and the education of children. Besides this, the uncertainties in the present world are increasing the feeling of insecurity. The uncertainties in the economy, weather, and health, and diseases are a few examples. Such undesired or unanticipated circumstances are explained with the help of astrology.

Another important point about astrology in modern life is its application in new areas. Now, we can see an increase in the use of astrology in Medicine and Psychology. There are medical practitioners who claim to blend astrology with their treatment procedures to achieve better recovery and prevention. Astrology can clearly determine the basic nature and tendencies of an individual, his mind, emotional make-up, attitude, etc. Making psychoanalysis with knowledge in astrology can be very effective. Contrary to old times, many astrologers in the modern-day give advice after understanding the psychology of the individual. 

Astrology Services: Then & Now

Gone are the times when people had to go to an astrologer for astrology consultations. Now, they can get astrology predictions and guidelines sitting at home, workplace, or even while traveling. The developments in digital technology have modernized astrology too. Today, people can generate horoscopes and get personalized astrology predictions from their mobiles and desktops. They can even make online astrology consultations with astrologers. A lot of online applications and mobile apps offering such services are available today.

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a boom in online astrology services. Companies offering online astrology services have had an increase in revenue too. The emergence of more and more companies offering digital astrology services is proof of the increase in demand for astrology.

Astrology for Tomorrow

Astrology has always helped humanity by predicting important events, finding solutions, and providing hope and guidance. The future of astrology will be more in the digital platform. We can also expect developments in the application of astrology in new areas, as in the case of Medical Astrology. Even the field of stock marketing can find many applications for astrology. As more people and businesses are entering the astrology sector, it is important to preserve its authenticity. Astrology is an ancient science, and we have to learn and preserve the ancient scriptures associated with it. The fact that some Universities in India are offering advanced degree courses in Vedic Astrology is a positive sign. This would help in preserving the essence and legitimacy of Vedic Astrology. 

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