Venus, the planet of love, money, and comfort was in Gemini and it will move into the watery sign of Cancer, which makes Venus too comfortable and lazy.   This Venus transit in Cancer is very crucial because according to the sidereal astrology, the Sun, Mars, and Mercury are also moving through this sign alongside Venus. So, there will be some lack of happiness for Venus as it doesn’t like the closeness with the Sun. The Sun is a fiery planet and it will burn the soft and watery qualities of Venus. So, it is not just the Venus, the planets which are with Venus also inspire its moves.  

During July when Venus Transit in Cancer, then there will be this groups of planets awaiting the entry of Venus. Among them, Mercury will be in a slow down mode as well.  So, Venus is not getting into a very comfort zone. On August 1st Mercury will be turning direct. So, will Venus be able to shake off the hard aspect which it is going to face? How it will work for you?

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Venus Transit in Cancer – Effect on Aries

For Aries, Cancer rules the house of home, family, parents, children, basic education and so many things connected with home and family. So, multiple planets are triggering your family matters. When too many planets are in one house, then that will bring a lot of congestion. It is like a bus station where many buses to different route are halted. So, there will be multiple needs at home. You will be having some issues related to household chores. There will be many things to fix and repair. Something related to real estate deals is also possible. As you know Mercury is in a slow down mode, so, it will be good if you do all these deals little carefully. During the Mercury retrogression, your analysis may go wrong. Financial expenses may come for the wrong reasons. After Mercury retrogression, you will get better opportunities to furnish your house or for real estate deals as well. However, please don’t argue with your family members. Your elders may need more care and comfort. 

How Venus Transit in Cancer affect Taurus?

When Venus slips into Cancer, it will trigger the matters like short travels, communication, siblings and your efforts. If you get any discomfort related to the neck and shoulder area, then that will be the part of the transit.  There will be some confusion regarding your projects as Mercury is also slow down until August 1st. So, you will have to be very careful regarding your communication and projects. The life of siblings will be very eventful. There will be some important events in their lives, and they will need your help. Arguments can also come up during this phase.  There will be traveling related plans as well. Projects with small groups are also seen. Projects with communication and media-related sector can also come up. Opportunities for an exam or study program as well are also seen. Whenever any planet moves through this sector, then you may have physical issues as well. This can be a complex week. 

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Venus Transit in Cancer – Is it good for Gemini?

This Venusian transit will trigger matters like money, material possessions, family, speech, and self-worth.  You should remember that Mercury is slowing down in this same house. This is not a great opportunity for your finance related sector.  Try to control your expenses. This is a good time to take up a new course to improve your self-worth. You will look for new business projects.  However, you will be consumed regarding your self-esteem as well. For the next few days, you will be focused on making you a very competent person. Lending and borrowing are also seen. This is a time for various financial planning. After August 1st, when Mercury moves in a forward motion, from then onwards, you will be progressing. Still, multiple challenges regarding finances will come up because the Sun and Mars are also in this same house. So, finances need more focus. 

Effects on Cancer

Although Venus will slip into the sign of Cancer, 

Mercury is still in a slow down mode through the sector for self, personality, attitude, health, vitality, ambition and perspective where Venus has started it’s not so great to sail. Your personal life is transforming. You may have to take care of your health.   This is a time for retrospect as well. You may meet people from your past. This is an important phase for your health as well. Your personal life has become very important and that will bring new opportunities to refine your personal life. Mercury will turn direct on August 1st and from then onwards, you will see positive changes. Still, the presence of the Sun and Mars is influencing Venus, so you will not be a light mood. Occasional emotional blasts may come up as well as verbal spats. 

Prediction of Venus Transit in Cancer for Leo

This Venusian transit will heal your wounds, but that will take some time because Mercury is also influencing the emotional issues in a slow down mode. Mercury will turn direct during August 1st. You will see a change after August 1 and until then there will be more heaviness on emotions. After that, it will mellow down, but still, there will be more to heal. The Sun and Mars will be with Venus. So, this is not a great time to start something fresh. Even if you want to start something new, then you should be very careful.  There will be more focus on work as well. You need to be very clear in your speech at work. This is a time to look for new projects. Health-related matters also will need more care. 

Is this Venus Transit in Cancer good for Virgo?

Your long-term relations from personal and professional relations will be getting maximum focus during this Venusian transit.  Until August 1st Mercury will be moving in a slow down mode, so, you will have to be careful with your long-term plans. After that, you can move ahead in making new friendships and collective projects. Still, the challenges will co-exist with Venus because the Sun and Mars are also with it. So, you will be very busy with team ventures. Discussions and meetings will be an ordinary matter. This is also a time to start a new project from finances as well. People who work in the finance sector also will be very active during this day. Socialization will also be a big part of this phase. New team members also can come up during this phase. You will be meeting with your old friends as well. 

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How Venus Transit in Cancer affect Libra?

Venus in Cancer means influence on the career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions.   There will be some complications regarding career because Mercury is in a slow down mode until August 1. So, you need to be very careful with the communications at official capacity.  At work, you may have to go the extra mile in completing your projects. Since Venus is with the Sun and Mars, you need to be careful with new job offers. You must prepare very well if you want a positive result. This is a time to meet with old colleagues.  You will have serious communications with your bosses or elders. They may have something to inform you about your career. This is a complex time for your career. You may have to keep a balance between work and home.

Predictions for Scorpio

Venusian transit in Cancer will increase the opportunities for foreign travels and collaborations. Until August 1 Mercury is in a slow down mode as well. It will bring some rework regarding matters like foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy.  These reversals can be in some projects related to writing and publishing. Long trips can come with a lot of challenges. You will plan for higher studies as well. This is a good time to rewrite exams. You may have a lot of communication-related activities as well. This is not the right time to be more optimistic or adventurous. The Sun and Mars are also in this sector, so you need to be a law-abiding citizen as well.  

 Venus Transit in Cancer effect for Sagittarius

This Venusian transit will reflect on your crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships and loans.  Until August 1st Mercury is also in a slow down mode and the impact of Mercury in the above-said matters can be very complex.  There may be a lot of communication with your partners regarding finances. Most of the discussions will be regarding your partnerships.  Your financial plans will need more structure. Issues related to tax and insurance can also come up. You may even think about giving or taking some kind of aid.  The Sun and Mars are also in this same sector, so you need to be very careful regarding your partnerships and finances as well.

Is it good for Capricorn?

The Venusian transit will trigger your personal and professional relationships. Until August 1st you will have some hiccups, as Mercury will be in a slow down until then. After that, the relationships will move forward and that will bring a lot of relief. This is a time to get into a new relationship, but carefully. There will be a lot of arguments, as well. Until Mercury retrogrades, you will have opportunities for corrections in the existing relationship as well. However, Mars and the Sun are also influencing the relationships you will have some concern throughout the days unless the Sun and Mars move out of this sector. Please be careful with your one to one relationship. 

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How Venus Transit in Cancer affect Aquarius?

The workplace will gain a lot of importance during this Venusian transit as Venus in Cancer is igniting the work, colleagues, and health. Until August 1, Mercury will be in a slow down mode, so, you will be looking for some corrections at work.   It may not be easy to impress your colleagues. Chances for arguments do exist. This is a time to improve your health as well. There can be serious conversations with your colleagues. You may get an opportunity to meet people from your past. This is a good time to analyze the expectations of your work. There can be new plans for your financial responsibilities.

Predictions for Pisces

When Venus Transit in Cancer, your creative energies will spring up. However, there will be hurdles as Mercury will be slow down until August 1st. Until then there are chances to meet your ex and do some corrections in the creative projects. This is not the time to take new decisions in romantic relations. Please give some time for them to prove whether they are genuine or not. You will get many opportunities to promote yourself. Opportunities for entertainment program are also seen. You may think about own venture or a new hobby which can make it as an income-generating venture in the future.  This is a time to focus on your romantic relationships as well. Creative projects can also come up. Since the Sun and Mars are also there in the sign of Cancer, you need to be very careful with team members and creative projects.

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