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Vrishabha Weekly Horoscope

Sunday, 17 February 2019 to Saturday, 23 February 2019
Those who are single but are already in a relationship might finally decide to tie the knot this week. They have taken the time to strengthen their relationship and now it is time to take the big decision. An official trip would work out very beneficial for you. Take a vacation to an exotic place and this might destress you mind and body. A great week of opportunities for businessmen. They need to redefine their objectives and goals for the future. Real estate agents and builders will finally have a good week. They will make some profits on existing deals and on new property deals. New ventures will take off and business would be booming. Lucky week for share brokers, investment consultants and portfolio managers as their decisions would have far-reaching implications this week. Politicians will this week earn the respect of their family members as well as their followers. Inflow of money from unexpected sources is predicted this week. Make some wise investments for the future instead of spending them all. The best days of the week are 18, 19
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