Tula Rashi

Sunday, 9 December 2018 to Saturday, 15 December 2018

Those who are looking for suitable marriage alliances may get some good proposals this week. These would match their expectations and they may even choose their life partner. This week would be a good time to go on a pleasure trip with the family. You will have a rewarding social life this week. Success would depend upon your efforts, your sincerity and commitment. Those in the medical professions would be famous. Their dedication and service to the society would be recognised and rewarded. Adverse remarks made by parents or teachers might affect students badly this week. They might feel very low in morale. Politicians would be admired and rewarded for their good work. Lot of good things would happen around them this week. sportspersons would perform well this week in their respective events. They would be energetic and full of enthusiasm. You will enjoy improved physical and mental fitness. The best days of the week are 9, 15

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