Simha Rashi

Sunday, 14 October 2018 to Saturday, 20 October 2018

A good time to take a break and spend or share your time, your dreams and plans with your beloved one this week. Take a trip with your beloved to a quiet and beautiful place. There might be a few surprises on the domestic front. Children would make parents and the family proud. Family get togethers are also on the cards. You will find some big social opportunities coming your way this week. Take full advantage of these and make the most of it. Those who are looking for a job might expect a call letter this week. Their efforts will surely pay off handsomely. Students would do well in their exams this week. Any competitions they participate in would also be rewarding. They would win as per their efforts. Sportspersons will be very confident this week. They would win all the events they participate in. Actors, artists and musicians will earn more this week. More in terms of remuneration and public adulation. A favorable week in terms of finances. Speculation would yield more. Wise investment planning would take care of the lean times ahead. The best days of the week are 18, 19

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