Sagittarius Horoscope

Sunday, 9 December 2018 to Saturday, 15 December 2018

You are pressed to retrace back in the workplace or with your partner. A critical situation is developing around you and though it gets on your nerves, you may be the only one who can appear to remain calm and unbiased. Your impulse to derive more and more returns while implementing your ideas will bring opposing approaches towards you from those who are assisting you in flourishing your project. You will find yourself itching for emotional intensity and wild romance and in longing to sweep away by a grand passion. Look back at your time schedule and you'll realise that you haven't been spending quality time with your children. They need the presence of their father and you should find time for them. Things have been happening with your knowledge. Its aftermath may have a negative impact on your future. A clear mind and sharp senses will help you face the situation and come out unscathed. Creativity and imagination have been your most productive traits. Nurturing them and taking all the support you need is most advised. Remember, this could spell a boost to your lifestyle too. Your love signs are shining brightly over you and you will go through the most fabulous moments this week. You may just love the people you work with. As a matter of fact, working well with someone and sharing visions with him or her, may just turn you on. You're hot to trot - beware of a tendency to be rash. Sometimes you are so emotional that you forget to love and enjoy the luxuries that are permissible. Nothing to wonder if your family feel that you are against happiness in their life. Students will tend to have a highly disciplined and organised ways to deal with their studies. You will earn a very good result from the efforts you put in.

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