Sign change of Rahu & Ketu and its effects.

On the 7th March 2019, a significant astrological shift will happen: Rahu is going to transit into Gemini and Ketu will transit into Sagittarius. and remains there up to 23rd September 2020. Rahu and Ketu are known as shadow planets and they do not have any physical existence. In astrology, they connect you with your past and present birth. Ketu shows what your past birth was and Rahu shows why you are here on this Earth now. Rahu shows the unfulfilled desires from the past and Ketu shows what you left in the past.

The sign change of Rahu & Ketu can influence the matters in your career, marriage etc. and you can know in detail about these effects from this Rahu-Ketu Transit Report. Clickastro's Rahu-Ketu Transit Report shows predictions on how this change will affect you. It analyses the transits with respect to the positions of Rahu and Ketu in your birth chart and gives you remedies if required.

Rahu-Ketu Transit Predictions

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The Vedic Astrology planets Rahu & Ketu have changed their signs to Gemini and to Sagittarius respectively on 7th of March 2019 and remains there up to 23rd September 2020.These sign changes can influence the matters in your career, marriage etc. and you can know in detail about the effects from this Rahu-Ketu Transit Report.
Rahu-Ketu Transit Predictions & Remedies.
Studies the sign changes in comparison to your birth chart.
Birth chart analysis of Rahu and Ketu
Dasa summary
Transit charts

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It's indeed great to receive accurate predictions of our own life and career, it gives clear and detailed information about the future and past. Hopefully it'll be useful to all aspiring people.
Reports are detailed and cover almost every aspect of astrology. Predictions are accurate and reasoning given is pretty easy for understanding.
satya pal singh
Very accurate. Approx 85% accurate. I appreciate your generousness. I will pass it on to my relatives and friends.
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