Pisces Horoscope

Sunday, 14 October 2018 to Saturday, 20 October 2018

Power and fame being the key word for you will enable you to excel in your career. Disapprovals are not an aspect for you to set back from your new ideas. You will love life and will find one or the other way to get the very most out of today. But your irritating nature and love towards yourself will hurt your near and dear ones. Your constant attention and commitment towards your family will make it a happier place. Everyone in the family will only be happy to carry out their roles successfully. Will go through a difficult situation this week. As a father, you will find it hard to cope up with the necessities of the children. Bring restrictions on yourself from overindulging in food and alcohol which can lead to physical ailments for you and mental stress for your wife and children. What you set to do this week will turn out to be successful to you mainly because of your sharpness, tenacity and obsession for perfection. You will express the nature of being too independent and freedom loving. It won't be something of wonder if others, especially your near and dear mistook you. Think more about the prospects for your personal growth, as it is time for you to live for you and your family. Your love for games and small challenges will make the journey scheduled for you this week a pleasant one. New atmosphere and new friends will be a real experience for you. Your active presence will reform your friends also.

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