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Mesha Weekly Horoscope

Sunday, 17 February 2019 to Saturday, 23 February 2019
For those involved in a romantic relationship the time has come to make a decision on the future of their relationship. They need to take the initiative towards this. Those who are married would experience a week of conjugal bliss. Couples might visit their close relatives. Being with their spouses would also refresh them in both body and mind. Children will have a good week. Especially students will do well in their exams or other co-curricular activities. Job seekers will be rewarded with some lucrative offers this week. Taking a practical and pragmatic approach towards life would see them succeed. Businessmen and industrialists will enjoy a good week. They might be able to sign some extremely profitable deals. Lawyers and other legal professionals would do well professionally this week. Their efforts would yield positive results. Builders and real estate agents will finally see a deal that would come through this week. Approvals on projects or loans will also come easily. It would be a good time to launch your dream project. Teachers would have a great week. They might win awards, appreciation and promotion this week. The best days of the week are 23, 22
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