Mesha Weekly Horoscope

Sunday, 19 May 2019 to Saturday, 25 May 2019
Married couples will experience each other in a new and refreshing way. They would find a new love in their relationship. Enjoy! A festival time for families this week. There might be auspicious functions or the achievements of the children which would be celebrated at home. A little advise and support to the kids would encourage them to achieve more. An unplanned trip is foreseen this week as travel signs are very strong. But you would really enjoy the change and welcome it. Those businessmen who might be facing legal or labor problems will be able to resolve them amicably this week. Real estate builders and agents will receive lot of support from various sources in their business. Expect a positive result this week. Teachers would earn the admiration and appreciation of their colleagues and superiors. A favorable time for politicians as they gain higher and respectable position. Those in business will see an increase in their financial resources. Those who are salaried can also look forward to earning some extra money. The best days of the week are 25, 22
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