Meena Rashi

Sunday, 14 October 2018 to Saturday, 20 October 2018

Those who are married will be preoccupied with family responsibilities this week. They would also need to give more space, support and help to their spouse and kids. Those who are getting ready for marriage may have to postpone their ceremony for some unexpected reasons. You might travel this week. This might bring you closer to your long-term ambition. Be positive and you can make the most of whatever you get this week. A great week to concentrate on your career. Seize every opportunity you get that would further your career. Deliver the best, complete projects and presentations and your business would boom. Students should not be depressed if they are unable to perform as per their expectations. This is not the end of the world and they will get another chance soon. Politicians will do well against all odds. They need to avoid controversies and they will win the elections this week. Financial status would improve this week. You would have enough to save and invest for the future. The best days of the week are 18, 17

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