Makara Rashi

Sunday, 14 October 2018 to Saturday, 20 October 2018

For those involved in a romantic relationship the time has come to make a decision on the future of their relationship. They need to take the initiative towards this. A great week at home. Especially for those who are married. They will enjoy each others company and support. Children will bring joy to parents and their family this week. They would achieve the goals they set out for. Youngsters who are looking out for better job opportunities would be very lucky this week. They might get a good break that would help them strengthen their career. Lawyers will have the luck to get some important verdicts ruled in their favor this week. A break from work is indicated this weekend. This would help them relax in mind and body preparing them for another hectic week. Students will be appreciated for their good results this week. Their parents and teachers would be very happy with them. Actors, artists and musicians will have a great week professionally. They might sign new contracts that would help them consolidate their career. The best days of the week are 14, 18

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