Libra Horoscope

Sunday, 14 October 2018 to Saturday, 20 October 2018

Your tenacity and obsession for perfection will bring you success in your career. Try to think before offering left-handed compliments to others as you will show an unnecessary indulge to advise when not wanted. For you, your home is basically a launching pad from where you take off for your other activities. As you rely much on your family for emotional support, you will also never set back to fulfil the needs of your family. It will be better for you to make some delay in beginning the new projects. As a man tend to have success in all you dealt with, this new one is not supposed to bring you the benefits you expect. You will prove to be independent, ambitious and highly goal-oriented. Intelligence and quick wit you possess will enable you to reach your goal without much effort. Time is really favourable now. Your stubborn nature will make others feel that you are someone extraordinary and are lacking the womanly nature of being sentimental and touchy. Whatever be your specific career choice, the combinations of your tenacity and sheer endurance will prove to be a winning one. Personally, this week will prove to be a stepping stone to your augmentation either financially or career wise. You will feel that all your physical strength has got drained out due to the mental and physical stress you experience this week both at work and home. Find some time for exhilaration for body and mind which you really need for the time being. Proposals for a pleasure trip to some beautiful place will come in search of you. You will highly enjoy this trip with your near and dear. The new job will bring out an utter change in the procedures of your day to day life. You will take a bit of time but adjust to the new circumstances very soon.

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