Libra Horoscope

Sunday, 9 December 2018 to Saturday, 15 December 2018

You are pressed to retrace back in the workplace or with your partner. A critical situation is developing around you and though it gets on your nerves, you may be the only one who can appear to remain calm and unbiased. Some of your peculiarities will make you stay away from important meetings, which if attended would have been a great help to boost up your career along with your confidence. Think well and consult someone responsible before doing any innovations in your already successful venture. Chances are there for the result to turn out negative. This week, your aim with Cupid's arrow is especially on target. So make sure 'what you're passionate about is what you want' because you just might get it or get more of it than you ever thought possible. An unexpected love approach from an unexpected person will bring out some extra energy and happiness to your mind. You have all the right to think it over and take the decision. Your ability to remain silent, humble and flexible when it is not necessary to air your views will bring more recognition for you among others. You can very well present your philosophical insights when it is in need. Situations will make you stay away from some of your favourite past times. Don't take it into your heart as it will pull you into a mood of depression. Your power for reasoning will make you see the world in black and white, which will help you much in business matters. Students must try to concentrate more on studies, as you are at present going through your turning point. You will feel depressed by the unexpected changes brought into your life by someone dear to you. Don't lose you confidence and try to fight back and get your stand firm.

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