Kanya Rashi

Sunday, 9 December 2018 to Saturday, 15 December 2018

Couples who are romantically involved will enjoy a loving and intimate week. But it is time now for them to start planning for their future. Youngsters of the family would bring fame and glory. They would win prizes and accolades in various competitions. Parents and elders need to encourage and support their efforts. This might not be the best time to travel. If it is unavoidable it would be best to take all precautions. Do not take any risks during the journey. A lively social life ahead this week. You will be rewarded for your contributions to the society. There should be lot of reasons to celebrate this week. Accountants need to be very careful this week. Slight errors may get them into big trouble. Sportspersons who have till now been written off would finally come through as surprise winners. All their hard work and practice and patience would make them emerge victorious. The best days of the week are 13, 14

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