In-Depth Horoscope


Remedies for the next 25 years

Suggests remedial mantras, yantras and fasting practices to help override obstacles, if any.

Bhava chart

Tells you about the 12 important areas of your life like; education, career, family, relationships, health etc.

Thorough personality assessment

Know how you can handle a life of highs and lows – including status and fame.

Favorable period for career

Know the best time to start a career and about favorable position to reap benefits.

Right time for marriage

Know the right age to tie the knot, various aspects of your married life and more.

About your dream home

Building a house is a fabulous experience! Find out the favorable time for your dream home.
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Average User rating : 4.35 Stars


Average User rating - 4.35 Stars

Upendra |Posted: 27 Sep 2018

It was a great analysis and indepth predictions and explanations with remedies.

Akshay |Posted: 24 Sep 2018


Anirudh |Posted: 24 Sep 2018


Mythili |Posted: 22 Sep 2018


Gaurika |Posted: 13 Sep 2018

I am greatly satisfied with my reports it gives me my overall study of my personality my progression with life the only thing I find negative is provi

L k bharadwaj |Posted: 10 Sep 2018

The report was very informative and helpful

Vijay Sharma |Posted: 01 Sep 2018

Fantastic and very accurate

Ms.puneet nagra |Posted: 29 Aug 2018

I am very happy and convinced with the detailed horoscope and wish the same for others wishes

Lena |Posted: 29 Aug 2018

I have received my in depth horoscope within couple hours and it was very extensive and quite accurate. I have done my own research and was looking fo

Sudhir |Posted: 26 Aug 2018

The predictions,and analysis improves and boosted my confidence levels.

Anupama |Posted: 26 Aug 2018

Prompt service and detailed information. Though can be more present specific rather than future predictions since it says In-depth horoscope.

Subash Rajan |Posted: 22 Aug 2018

Excellent Service

Avik Kumar Sarkar |Posted: 22 Aug 2018


Urvazin |Posted: 13 Aug 2018

Good review simple language used hence easyť to understand

Shashi bhushan |Posted: 04 Aug 2018

I am fully satisfied with your In-depth report.

A P RAMARAJ |Posted: 03 Aug 2018

Good. I am satisfied with the content. Every things mentioned in the horoscope are very true.

Vijay |Posted: 30 Jul 2018

Good work. Past period gone should be predicted so that the accuracy of the report becomes known. Can I have my past report from 2007 till date ...

Dr. Indra Nath Mookerjee |Posted: 27 Jul 2018

Very helpful

N.Muthu Sankar |Posted: 24 Jul 2018

Very Good Predictions

Karra kranthi Kumar |Posted: 21 Jul 2018


Mithran |Posted: 20 Jul 2018

Accurate prediction

Gunjan Panchal |Posted: 18 Jul 2018

Horoscope report is quite in-depth and all predictions are accurate.

Subhasree |Posted: 14 Jul 2018

The horoscope covers all the points of interest of your life and is very easy to understand.

R.S.MAIYA |Posted: 12 Jul 2018

Propmpt service

Vinay Hegde |Posted: 10 Jul 2018

Good information to know.

Tarun sonkar |Posted: 08 Jul 2018

Great Experience Very Supportive Clickastro Team,Team provide genuine information provided me.i am very happy about this website.he give me positive i

Rummana Moledina |Posted: 02 Jul 2018

Interesting and informative.

Rohit Mishra |Posted: 02 Jul 2018


NARINDER SINGH |Posted: 01 Jul 2018


Padmalatha G V |Posted: 24 May 2018

I am very happy with the service and very perfect horoscope

Vinay Sheel |Posted: 13 May 2018

Excellent Report, detailed, extensive, affordable, thorough. Very enlightening ! I will definitely recommend. Please Go For It Simply Superb !! Very G

Siya sanal |Posted: 08 May 2018

Excellent report, thank you for the detailed horoscope,

Vijay |Posted: 23 Apr 2018

Excellent analysis and quick response.

Santhosh D v |Posted: 16 Apr 2018


MANMOHAN |Posted: 30 Mar 2018

Informative in depth. What type of Business will suitable ? I want to start a Medical shop that will suitable and successful.

MANMOHAN |Posted: 30 Mar 2018

Informative in depth. What type of Business will suitable ? I want to start a Medical shop that will suitable and successful.

SREEKANTH |Posted: 04 Mar 2018

Overall good. If mentioning the time period, better to include the age also.

Chaitra kundar |Posted: 30 Dec 2017

Excellent Prediction and remedies. Great job

Girish Kumar Tiwari |Posted: 11 Dec 2017

A very useful and benevolent service Thanks

A Girish |Posted: 23 Nov 2017

Report is good and it gives in depth details of life(horoscope). Presently I am trying to change my Job as there is no developments at the present J

Sreejith |Posted: 18 Nov 2017

Looking on to my past,behaviour,job everything is accurate, good one

G Satyanarayana |Posted: 07 Sep 2017

Iam retired and unemployed. Will I be employed. My logivity. Pls reply Thanks G

Suresh |Posted: 22 Aug 2017

Service is very good

Haridasan pillai |Posted: 01 Aug 2017

Detailed horoscope(Welth)

Ravi Ganesh |Posted: 27 Jul 2017

I like your services.Got my report fast. Horoscope seemed really true based on past experiences.

Pooja |Posted: 27 Jul 2017

I have purchased this report and the predictions amazed me. so many matters are so true. they are fast in replying too. thanks

Aby |Posted: 25 Jul 2017

Excellent report. I got my prediction so fast.

Chinnaduari |Posted: 25 Jul 2017

Very Good.

Anurag |Posted: 25 Jul 2017

Very accurate.Thanks

SHREEKANTH |Posted: 24 Jul 2017

Extremely well researched ,informative and useful...

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