Gemini Horoscope

Sunday, 9 December 2018 to Saturday, 15 December 2018

You can now proceed with your plans you have been fabricating in your mind for a long time. Benefits are sure to reach you as your signs are now in a favourable position. You will be going through a very difficult time being direct in your relationships, and you need both individual psychotherapy and group therapy to achieve greater self-expression and more satisfaction on the social scene. Approval of a new project by the authority will give you the opportunity of expanding and implementing new ideas which were only in your mind till now. Lack of communication will bring some disputes in the family. It won't be a matter to wonder, if the other members in the family mistook your commitment towards them. Planning for a journey with your kids? This is the apt time for it! This will also prove to be an occasion to know how much they miss your love and care as a father. Dealing with some troublesome issues will grab the time and energy of women especially those struggling between their home and career. Being a man of deep loving and highly trustworthy nature towards those you mingle with will attain you the love and care you expect from them. Time is congenial to you to choose a career or commence a new venture. Forming a new base now will act beneficial for your whole future. You are strong, sincere, steadfast and practical in your approach towards whatever you undertake. For the time being this approach of yours will bring you great success in your career or business dealings. Falling in love may be one of your favourite pass time, but this is not a good pattern to move along. Now it is time to get into a true, stable and steady relationship or it will be too late.

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