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Our 'Free Today's Panchang' section helps you get today's Panchanga instantly. The word 'Panchanga' is derived from 'pancha' (means five) and 'anga' (means attributes) of a given day, namely Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga or NithyaYoga, Karana and Vaar. 'Tithi' refers to the lunar day, along with the 'Paksha' which means 'lunar fortnight'. 'Nakshatra' refers to the star that is associated to the given lunar day. 'Yoga' also known as 'NithyaYoga' refers to the angular relationship between Sun and Moon. 'Karana' refers to the half of a 'Tithi', denoting the angular difference between Sun and Moon. 'Vaar' refers to day of the week.

Today is 21-July-2019
Selected Place is New Delhi

Regional Date 1194-Karkata-05
Date 2019-July-21
Saka 1941-Aashaadham-30
Sunrise 05:36AM
Sunset 07:19PM
Rahukalam 05:36PM - 07:19PM
Star Chathayam (Today upto 07:25AM)
Thidhi Chathurthy (Today upto 11:40AM)
Karana Leopard
Nithya Yoga Soubhagya


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