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Why is it important to check horoscope for the matters of your profession?

The significance lies in the fact that the unique placements of the stars and planets at the time of your birth decide the general pattern of life events. The horoscope can capture and interpret this celestial design to give valuable guidelines. Just fill in the above form to generate the free career horoscope; and read from it, the general trends in your profession - your aptitudes, the potential areas of work, the opportunities, good & bad periods etc.
A study of In-Depth Horoscope Report will reveal you more! It can tell about all the astrological components influencing your personality, traits, family, wealth, health, education, marriage and more. Know how you can be successful & achieve great heights in your career.

How Clickastro’s Career Predictions helps you?

Know Your Suitable Career

Career astrology by date of birth generates predictions based on panchanga, it generate your basic features, traits, temperament etc. This job predictions report, based on which day of the week you born, tells you some of your basic traits or tendencies. It will find out your birth star and explain its features with necessary predictions and tells you which career will be beneficial for you.

Insights About Best Profession

Know the best occupation/job based on your planetary movements. An analysis of the rasi and the planets in each house will help to interpret the cosmic designs. Career predictions will explain what your 10th house, the house of career says and helps to find answers to ‘what’s my suitable profession’ and ‘when will I get a job’.

Favourable Periods and Effects of Dasa/Apahara

Astrology by date of birth analyses the various features of your horoscope to find out the favourable periods for career. Planning your job is easy now by generating a free career report from, it analyses your dasas & apaharas, the houses and the planetary positions and gives predictions for favourable periods for job.

Predictions and Remedies for Career Problems

A study of your horoscope will help you find the possible obstacles, the malefic factors and their remedies. Career horoscope by date of birth checks for the various doshas in your horoscope and suggests remedies. It will help you foresee and overcome the challenges in work or profession, also provides remedies to doshas affecting other areas of your life.

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