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Astrology is the science of the effect of planets and other heavenly bodies in a person's life. Your fortune is determined by the positions of these objects at the time of birth. You can generate free online astrology report by providing the birth details in the above form. It captures the unique positions of planets with respect to the time & place of birth to generate the birth chart.

The complete In-Depth horoscope includes the following

 Your personality, character, aptitudes, likes & dislikes, strengths & weaknesses etc.
 Your career, marriage, wealth, health, family, and relationships, education etc. &
 Your horoscope-based remedies to overcome the obstacles in life.

Clickastro Free Online Astrology report provides predictions on,

Personality,Wealth, Education, Family

The 1st house of the horoscope represent the personality characteristics, physical structure, status and fame of the person. Based on the position of lagna in horoscope you can understand all these. Land and properties, wealth, family, speech, food and skills are highlighted in the 2nd house of the astrology horoscope. 3rd house refers to siblings, cleverness and courage. 4th house gives informations about general happiness, mother, education, property and vehicles. According to Indian astrology, 5th house represents children, mind and intelligence.

Profession, Expenditure & Income

The 11th house gives informations about income and is an indicator of source of income. This is considered as auspicious house in Vedic Astrology. Eleventh house also indicates your social activities, friendship and the type of relation you maintain with your friends and siblings. The 11th house plays an important role in a person's education, business, income, profession etc.

Favourable periods for marriage, business, career and house construction

The married life is influenced by the planets in the 7th house of horoscope. So by considering the 7th lord, planets in the seventh house, the dasa/apahara periods are recommend in the horoscope report. Considering the lagna lord and other factors, the favourable periods for career is also mentioned in the free astrology report. Analysing the second, ninth, tenth and eleventh lord the good time for business is calculated. The good time for house construction is given by analysing the fourth lord.

Effect of Dasha/Apahara

The dasa system is another significant feature of Indian astrology. Free Astrology by date of birth analyses dasa and apahara periods to tell about fortunes and misfortunes. The intensity of these will vary according to the position of the planets in horoscope. The effects which are not applicable to child are considered to be applicable to the parents. Predictions are given starting from current dasa onwards. Details of apahara is given for maximum 25 years.

Kuja Dosha, Rahu Dosha and Ketu Dosha Analysis

According to astrology in a person's life great importance is given to Kuja dosha.Kuja or planet Mars has great importance in marriage related matters. A proper analysis is given is in this astrology report to find kuja dosha. Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets. Rahu stands for growth and development and self help at the same time Ketu denotes the restrictions and obstacles. Rahu is considered deceitful and dishonest. Ketu stands for spiritual tendencies, restrictions etc.

Remedies and Recommendations

Your birth star inflicts some peculiar characteristics in you that can cause difficulties in life. The Vedic Astrology predictions analyses horoscope to find out its malefic factors too.In addition, it finds out the doshas causing obstacles in life and recommends the remedies to overcome them which includes remedies for the malefic features of birth star and remedies for Kuja/Rahu/Ketu doshas.

Transit Forecast

Transit forecast is based on the comparison of the present position of planets with those in the birth-chart. The movements of the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn have a great influence on your life. Sometimes the effects may be opposing, nullifying or reinforcing. The net effect is not indicated, but you should be able to get an idea of the dynamics at work by studying the impact of each particular transit aspect. Your immediate future, therefore, is a blend of the transit predictions.


Yogas are special combination of planets in the horoscope which influence the life and future of a person. Hundreds of combinations and their effects have been described in the ancient astrological texts. While some combinations are good, others may have undesirable effects. The important combinations identified in your horoscope are listed in free astrology online report with a brief mention of the effect it can have on you.

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