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Dhanus Weekly Horoscope

Sunday, 17 February 2019 to Saturday, 23 February 2019
A long journey is foreseen. This might indicate a period of absence from home and staying away from the family. Those who are planning to start their own venture might be in for some good news. Their venture would be financed by the loans they have applied for. Engineers and those in the field of technology will have to keep working despite the negative results. They must use all their talent and creativity. Their efforts would eventually pay off. Those in the accounting profession might have a stressful week ahead. It would help to keep a clear and calm mind. It would really make the difference between barely surviving and emerging victorious. Real estate businessmen and builders will have a good week. An expected or long anticipated things might work out. There would be enough reasons to celebrate. Those in the teaching profession may be involved in supervising student programs this week. They would lead their colleagues and other students. You will have reasons to celebrate this week. There might be income from some unexpected sources. The best days of the week are 17, 20
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