Capricorn Horoscope

Sunday, 9 December 2018 to Saturday, 15 December 2018

Don't overestimate your abilities as it may lead you to do some blunders. Stay calm and quiet and give a nice thought before boasting on your ability to experiment, as chances are there for you to go wrong. Siblings will tend to be more supportive for you this week. They will contribute their share to make your dreams come true. Whatever be your specific career choice or your interests, the combinations of your tenacity, drive and sheer endurance is a winning one that most people are too weak to compete against your energy and willingness. Better postpone the changes you intend to do in your current project, as time is not favorable for you to undertake it now. When you do decide to make a commitment towards anyone you will only be happy to stay loyal to them. This enables you to remain attached to those who really love and care for you. You will be geared up to take any sort of work as your mental and physical stamina is at its peak. Try to invest your vigour in something good and purposeful. You must have been carelessly dealing with some important problems, this can create some dilemma which will take time for you to deal with. Your power for reasoning will make you see the world in black and white, which will help you much in business matters. Responsibilities vested upon you will make you stay away from all the activities which used to give you exciting instances. You will feel much relieved this week, as you are able to fulfil the needs of your family members through your tremendous efforts.

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