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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

(22 Dec-20 Jan)
Sunday, 17 February 2019 to Saturday, 23 February 2019
Siblings will find themselves clearing all misunderstandings between them and get together after a long time. This should be the chance to resolve and get back to the good old times they have had. Be gentle with yourself and with your loved ones this week. Since you are under significant pressure right now, it is difficult to manage relationships. They must be going through a storm that causes them to feel defensive and fearful. You may reach new understandings of how you work. But you will be talking about health - all kinds - and becoming far more organized in your working or health methodologies. You may get some money bonanzas. Your bountiful energy is responsible. Watching action movies and listening to hard rock does not necessarily define masculinity. There's a caring, loving and soft-natured character in you that needs to be nurtured and you'll discover a whole new side of you. People who mingle with you will find you reliable for your loyalty, sincerity and constant support you provide to them. In your search for professional glory, you may miss out on the finer and more important aspects of your life, your children! Keep the mother in you alive and life should turn out to be one happy-go-lucky ride!You are healthy and robust. Go ahead with your plans and projects; you will attain success. You can be depended on for your loyalty and sincerity, and this will bring you wide acceptance. But for the time being, an unnecessary indulgence from someone against you will bring out some embarrassing moments for you. Though you are acquainted with a lot of people, you must try to utilise your ability for reasoning and find out the real ones who are good for you to communicate and be friendly. You will overcome the minor hazards in your way to carry out the responsibilities vested upon you as a family as well as a social member.
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