Aswini Star Horoscope


For male natives whose birth star is Aswini

Although you are independent and will achieve success through your own efforts, you may receive assistance from others. Opposition from relatives should be anticipated. Your personality combines religious inclination together with good memory, knowledge and wisdom. A variety of problems may occur in your life. Though you are financially cautious, you may miscalculate the amount of your savings. Your decisions are carefully considered but once you have established your position you remain inflexible, even at the request of those closest to you. You are fond of neatness and cleanliness, even in your interactions with the outside world. You have a powerful sense of responsibility. Except for trivial irritations, life with your wife be exceedingly happy. You will enjoy the company of your children. You are strong-willed and enjoy a good conversation. You are considered lucky. You have a deep concern for people. You have excellent administrative skills. Since your tolerance is low, you invite unnecessary worries early in life. Use caution to prevent urinary and heart ailments before they become serious.


For female natives whose birth star is Aswini

You will be an intelligent, strong and beautiful woman, beloved by all. You possess genuine concern for others; but despite your good qualities you will find reasons to doubt yourself, both as a young girl and as a woman. You are attracted to good clothes and expensive trinkets. Your gentle charm and pleasant behavior will serve to attract many men. Even your face will reflect your calm and your feminine dignity. However, you are strong willed and will not permit yourself to be talked out of a decision you have made. Fortunately you are not fanatical in your beliefs. You are generally particular about the neatness of your environment, both at work and at home. When you feel that you are committed to a relationship, you will give your partner the best of yourself. You tend to have a little wander-lust in your heart, and for the sake of your romantic relationship, you must sometimes quell your instincts and adapt to some domesticity. Avoid alcohol and other stimulants. Also, remember that exaggerations are lies by a different name and may be thought of as such by the people you hold most dear. Your husband will be quite good-looking.


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