Aquarius Woman and Virgo Man

Quality: Fixed, Masculine, Positive
Element: Air
Symbol:Water Bearer
Quality: Mutable, Feminine, Negative
Element: Earth

A Virgo and an Aquarius will be reluctant to get too close when they first meet, as they want to study one another. However, once they form a relationship it's seldom a dull one. Virgo's cleverness and clear thinking when combines with Aquarian inventiveness and genius and then mixed with innate kindness and concern for others both possess, this companionship will mark to be a tremendous one.

Aquarius is modern and for them the routines are dull and boring, while Virgo like to deal with matters methodically with less complications. This difference can sometimes bring annoyance to the Virgo who finds the Aquarian approach of life that often defies all logical and orderly boundaries. Virgo possesses a tremendous amount of memory and will always want to analyze with every details. While an Aquarius is famous for their absentmindedness, that they can hardly even remember a date or a name. They also differ in the area of being logical- Virgo wants to be logical while Aquarians love to challenge logic.

Unless there is true love between a Virgo man and an Aquarius woman it is really a tough task to make this relation life long. An Aquarian girl is outspoken, frank, independent, unconventional, unpredictable and unusual, while a Virgin man is basically a loner, having the tendency to retreat into stubborn silence if he does not finds a special or meaningful romance.

When both of them first fall in love, their first intention will be to draw back into their deeper self, as both tend to fear and mistrust what they most desire. She is outgoing, inventive, a visionary. Virgo is reserved, prudent, and very practical about its ambitions. The twosome may thrive on their differences, though; they grow together as they learn about each other.

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