Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man

Quality: Fixed, Masculine, Positive
Element: Air
Symbol:Water Bearer
Quality: Cardinal, Feminine, Negative
Element: Water

In the beginning of a relationship between Cancer and Aquarius they won't find anything common in them, and this will make the situation perplexing for commencing a relation. But they do share a common feature i.e. the fickle and unpredictability in their character and mood. In a Crab it depends on the changes of the Moon, and in a Water Bearer it depends on the lightning flashes of the Uranus.

Both of them are ambitious and determined, but both are tend to do things in their own way and don't like to encounter any hindrance from the other. Disagreements will arise in this relationship if the Aquarius found Cancer too demanding or if the Cancer, who needs a lot of emotional reassurance, feels that Aquarius is too cool and aloof towards their feelings.

For a secure relationship between this two, both must learn to work out their differences, as both view the world in different ways and try to cope with the differences rather than feeling imperiled by the other. Then this companionship will turn out to be an indomitable force.

Relationship between an Aquarius woman, cool and self possessed, and a Cancer man, warm and responsive, will prove to be an unlikely one. Aquarius has a lot to offer but it will not be anything that Cancer is seeking.

A Cancer man, Cardinal sign, will insist on leading, even though he possesses a very gentle and soft manner. The Aquarius woman, Fixed sign, will seek her own path and will like to move in her own chosen direction and will refuse to be dominated. She will become stubborn or detached if he tries to bring her forcefully in his direction. She loves freedom, unconventionality and intellectual pursuits.

A Crab with his fluctuating moods will want his woman to cry and laugh along with him. The Water bearer woman does not lack in sympathy and she is also tend to have unpredictable moods but her way of reacting will absolutely differ from his. Her motto 'live and let live' will gain her a lot of friends.

If an Aquarian can provide Cancer security and a Cancerian can offer his Aquarian woman a life free with clinging, destructiveness and complaining, this pair can make out in the long run.

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