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What does ClickAstro Free Marriage Horoscope offer?

dosha analysis for marriage

Dosha Analysis

This free marriage horoscope analyses your birth chart for the possible doshas affecting your marriage. Study of doshas such as Kuja (Chovva/Manglik) dosha is important in the marriage astrology and matchmaking. The report points out the doshas if any and suggests remedies.

life partner prediction

Your Life Partner

Who can be the right match for me' is one answer which everybody likes to know. Through a precise study of your birth chart, Clickastro marriage horoscope lets you know about the kind of person who can be the perfect life partner for you.

favourable periods for marriage

Favourable Periods

'When will I get married' is the common dilemma in youngsters minds. Clickastro’s free marriage predictions can help you in finding the right answer to this. This report tells you about the favourable periods for your marriage.

reasons for delay in marriage

Reasons for delay

If you are worried about the delay or obstacles regarding your marriage, Clickastro marriage horoscope can help you in knowing the reasons. The free marriage prediction based on your birth chart points out the factors causing the delay/obstruction and helps you overcome that.

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