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What you get from ClickAstro Free Online Horoscope?

Panchanga Predictions

Panchanga Predictions

Generate your free horoscope by date of birth to get the predictions based on panchanga. The Panchanga predictions let you know your basic features, traits, temperament etc.

Based on which day of the week you born, this free astrology online report tells you some of your basic traits or tendencies.
  Birth star
Vedic astrology divides the circle of 12 zodiac signs into 27 stars or constellations. This free astrology report will find out your birth star, explain its features and give subsequent predictions.
  Thithi & Nithya Yoga
Vedic astrology considers the thithi or the Lunar day of the birth to study the native’s mindset and traits. This Clickastro free astrology by date of birth will also give predictions on your general behaviour or characteristics based on nithya yoga or birth yoga.
Karana is half of thithi. There are 11 different kinds of karana and, based on your karana, this report makes predictions on your character.
Bhava Predictions<

Bhava Predictions

Bhavas or houses in horoscope determine the various factors/aspects of the person’s life. An analysis of the 12 bhavas or houses – the raasi and the planets in each house helps to interpret the cosmic design concerning various aspects of the native’s life. Clickastro free horoscope predictions help you get an idea about your 12 houses/bhavas and the factors they control or determine which include personality, relationships, wealth, career, education, marriage etc.

Favourable Periods and Effect of Dasa/Apahara

Favourable Periods and Effect of Dasa/Apahara

This free astrology online report analyses the various features of your horoscope to point out the favourable periods in life. The free online horoscope studies your dasas & apaharas, the houses and the planetary positions to generate the following.

  Favourable periods for your Marriage
  Favourable periods for your Career
  Favourable periods for Business
  Favourable periods for House construction
Remedies and Recommendations

Remedies and Recommendations

The importance of analyzing a horoscope is that it would help a person find the various malefic factors and their remedies. The Clickastro free horoscope online checks for your various possible doshas and recommends remedies. Thus, this free astrology report can help you overcome the challenges and obstacles in life.

  Kuja dosha & remedies
Kuja or planet Mars has great importance in marriage related matters. This free online horoscope checks for Kuja dosha in your horoscope and suggests remedies.
  Rahu dosha & remedies
Rahu is considered deceitful and dishonest. Clickastro free horoscope online checks for Rahu doshas and recommends remedies.
  Ketu dosha & remedies
Ketu stands for spiritual tendencies, restrictions etc. This free astrology report lets you know possible Ketu doshas and their remedies.
  Star & Dasa remedies
Your birth star inflicts some peculiar characteristics in you that can cause difficulties in life. The free online horoscope gives your birth star based remedies. This free astrology online report analyses your dasas to find out the negative effects and to suggest remedies.
Clickastro free online horoscope prediction also includes various calculations, charts and tables viz. Raasi chart, Bhava chart, ashtakavarga predictions, transit forecasts, moudhyam, graha yudha and sayana & nirayana longitude of planets.