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Published : December 17, 2009 | Author : Dr. T. S. Vasan
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Dr. T. S. Vasan
Dr. T. S. Vasan is a renowned name in the stream of Vedic Astrology for several decades. He is a professional astrologer as well as a research scholar, having authored several books on astrology and palmistry. Presently, he serves in the position of Vice President of Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) founded by Dr. B. V. Raman.

An Introduction to Tithis and Effects on Personalities

This is the time during which the difference of the increment of longitude of the Sun and the Moon amounts to 12. Each Tithi or Lunar day is equal to 0.9483 of a day so that a lunar month, when the Moon completes a 360 degree rotation is equal to about 29.53 days.

Thithi can be found from any horoscope if we know the positions of Sun and Moon in the natal chart.

The 15 days, commencing from Amavasya (the last day of the dark half of a lunar month) to Purnima (Full moon), are called the Tithis of the Shukla-Paksha (brighter phase) and the days commencing from Purnima to Amavasya are called Krishna Paksha (darker phase).

In Indian Astrology, the calculation of the Tithis starts from Pratipada (The first day in each half of the lunar month) of the Shukla-Paksha.

Influence of Tithis

Influence of Thithis (Lunar days) on a person born in a particular 'Thithi', according to "Yavana Jathaka" is given below.

Lunar Day
Names of ThithisExplanation
PratipadaThe person born in this lunar day will have a good wife and also enjoy extra-marital relationships.
DwitiyaThe person born on this day will seek the truth. This person will be liked by all and will be skilled in using weapons.
ThritiyaThose born on this day will be immoral and will be after immoral women. They will be bent on harming others.
CharturthiThose born on this day will be greedy and will not be helpful to others. They will also be secretive.
PanchamiThose born on this day will be intelligent and live long. They will have strong moral character.
ShrashtiThose born on this day will have more male progeny. They will be after sensual pleasures and will have a big circle of friends.
SaptamiThose born on this day will be rich and will have good character. They will respect elders and learned men.
AshtamiThe person born on this day will be faithful to the spouse, have many interests and speak well.
NavamiThose born on this day will be passionate and courageous. They will be interested in and talented to pursue arts and will be deadly to their opponents.
DasamiThose born on this day will be highly successful in business pursuits. They will be well-versed in sciences and will have strong convictions.
EkadasiThose born on this day will be unprincipled. They are jealous of other's progress. Their mind will be occupied by thoughts of cohabiting with women.
DwadasiThe person born on this day will be popular with women and amass wealth. This person will have many enemies but will handle them intelligently.
TrayodasiThe person born on this day will have wide circle of relatives and will make them happy. This person will be pure at heart, enjoy good health and do everything with great care and perfection.
ChaturadasiThose persons born on this day will have a healthy body and a great personality. They will have convictions of their own on everything.
(in bright half
of the month)
PournamiThe person born on this day will keep long hair, live up to 80 years of age and will be efficient in all undertakings.

(in dark half
of the month)

AmavasyaThe person born on this day will become deadly to opponents and will enjoy a good life.

Generally, a person born in the bright half of the month will have a long life, will be helpful to others, will be a great friend and win over women easily.

The person born in the dark half of the month will harbour thoughts of harming others and have rustic speech. This person may not have order and discipline in life.

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